Dirtbag RINO State Sen. Patti Anne Lodge Blocks Legislation Banning Ballot Drop Boxes In Idaho

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Dirtbag RINO State Sen. Patti Anne Lodge Blocks Legislation Banning Ballot Drop Boxes In Idaho

The above is my version of title by Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit.

For whatever reason–possibly the burgeoning of the Libertarian Party–law and order Conservatives simply don’t get elected to Mountain State offices. I recall former Conservative Tom Tancredo (who almost singlehandedly led the Conservative movement in and out of Congress) “going libertarian” when he spearheaded the legalization of dope. He wasn’t an anomaly! The Constitution Party was taken over by libertarians.

In splitting off true Conservatives, the libertarians have weakened the Conservative movement in many states that otherwise would be strong Conservative states. And what happens in these states? The RINOs–liberal Republicans who are anti-law-and-order–move into power and stay there! They have the Chamber and BigAg behind them.

I blame libertarians for the weakening of the Conservative movement in America. Until the People throw out pro-pot libertarians, the RINOs will continue to control things in those states.

Tancredo was a good example of a failed Conservative leader who went libertarian. I remember hearing his 3-hour sit-in on KOA Denver for another talk show host in May 2010. All he did was promote the legalization of dope for three hours. A few days later, my guest on The Dave Levine Show was (now former) Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio and Tancredo were pals. When I broke the news to my guest Sheriff Joe, he couldn’t believe it. I assured him that Tancredo had done just that. That move by Tancredo was the end of his reign as a leader of the Conservative movement.

It’s a numbers game. Without the libertarians, there simply aren’t enough of us Conservatives to throw out the RINOs and too many of us stupidly reelect them.