Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Wins Battle With McSally To Replace Sen. Jeff Flake

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Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Wins Battle With McSally To Replace Sen. Jeff Flake

The above is my version of title by Michelle Moons at Breitbart.

What is worse–a horrible RINO who ran as a Conservative but voted like a pro-Amnesty Democrat? What is worse–a pol who co-authored an Amnesty bill for illegals or a pro-Amnesty Socialist?

Answer: There IS no difference! This election above all before it proved what I’ve been talking about and writing about for years–that the RINOs are as bad as the evil Socialist Dems! So why keep voting for them? In this election, enough Conservative voters used their noggins and stayed home to bring down 8 of the 18 non-retiring Discharge Petition-signing House RINOs including the leader of the Petition, RINO Carlos Curbelo! And another really bad RINO, Rep. Yoder, was voted out as well! He has a DACA Amnesty bill which is also an amendment to The DHS Funding Bill that Trump wants to sign.

And now, the co-author of The Gang of Four Amnesty bill HR 4760, Rep. McSally, has lost her chance to replace another horrible RINO, Jeff Flake in the Senate. Also called “The Goodlatte Bill”, HR 4760 had some good enforcement provisions but it was first and foremost AN AMNESTY BILL and had it passed, it could have grown to a General Amnesty for ALL 50 million illegals in the U.S. Goodlatte and Ryan–who pushed their Amnesty bills in June that went down in flames–are two of 41 retiring House RINOs.

This election was SUPPOSED to be about “booting the RINOs” who were blocking Trump’s wall funding. It wasn’t the out-of-power Democrats who stopped the wall funding for 2 years!

Will Rep. McSally lose her House seat for running for Senator? I’ll find that out.