Cruz Will Never Be President; It’s Time Conservatives Faced This Fact

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Cruz Will Never Be President; It’s Time Conservatives Faced This Fact

By Dave Levine

I keep seeing hopeful comments by Conservative bloggers weeks after Trump completely changed the political landscape on Election Day, bloggers who believe that Senator Ted Cruz will run for president again and be successful doing it in 2020.

The following is a response I made to one of those “dreamers” at The Right Scoop blog this morning and I believe adequately states why Cruz will never be President nor will any Conservative for that matter. I’ve expanded on these comments here:

1) The GOPe will never get behind Cruz or any other Conservative. If you haven’t realized that by now, you’re simply not paying attention,

2) Trying to unseat a sitting president of your own party would be an exercise in futility. The political landscape changed drastically on Election Night,

3) Cruz is in trouble in Texas. Polls have shown this to be true. He’ll have the powerful Rep. Mike McCaul–the richest man in the House–running against him in 2018,

4) Now that Trump has won, it is doubtful that even popular Conservative Governor Abbott will run for president for the above reason #2,

5) Why would Cruz make that mistake again (running against the GOPe’s candidate which Trump eventually was)? 2016 was brutal on him and his family and

6) Endorsing Trump and then offering to help him after what Trump did to him and his family during the campaign and at the Convention is something many of us will never forget. Conservatives are like elephants–they don’t forget! Feeding Cruzites peanuts won’t remove the images of the humiliation Cruz endured this campaign nor will they remove the images today of his apparent “cozying up” to Trump after the Election. We lost some respect for Cruz for doing this and that will affect our enthusiasm for him as a possible candidate down the road.

Cruz was stronger than ever in his Convention speech, refusing to endorse Trump and saw what had become of the Republican Party. His own party had turned against him. He was booed and heckled off the stage. His wife was threatened by Trumpster-delegates at the Convention during that speech. These are images Conservatives aren’t likely to forget. Then he caved.

Some shrewd Conservative bloggers have posited that Cruz should run in 2020 as an Independent. I’ve thought about that as well. However, running as an Independent will be even more difficult and suicidal politically than running as a Republican.

Here are the reasons Cruz would be foolish to run as an Independent in 2020:

1) An Independent Conservative candidate will split off some of the Republican and Independent vote but it will be as “a spoiler”; he will hurt the Republican nominee but it won’t give him (Cruz) the win. He’d be seen as “a pariah” by Republicans who would blame him for their nominee’s losing just as Ross Perot was blamed in 1992,

2) American voters know that it’s virtually impossible to buck the two-party system as these parties are simply too powerful. For example, getting on the Texas and North Carolina ballot if you’re an Independent candidate or party is problematic,

3) He wouldn’t be seen in any of the many Republican debates. The television networks wouldn’t likely carry a lower-echelon debate, much less a debate among Independent candidates,

4) He couldn’t raise the kind of money needed to mount such a run and even if he did, what other Independent nominees are going to debate him–the Libertarian nominee? Who’s going to watch that?,

5) He couldn’t win his own state. If a nominee can’t win his own state, he’s finished and

6) Some Conservatives will remember that he eventually endorsed Trump and offered to help him after Trump was elected.

Cruz may be offered a Supreme Court position by Trump. If he’s confirmed, he’ll be set for life. If he’s rejected by the Senate, he’d continue on as Senator. He’s not going to be AG now that Sessions has accepted that position.

NOTE: Look for Senator Mike Lee to become “the face of the Conservative movement” in D.C. after Cruz is confirmed as Supreme Court justice. He’s one of the few Conservatives in either chamber to refuse to endorse Trump and he was shut down on the floor of the Convention having his microphone turned off by the RNC–probably on Preibus’ orders but possibly from Trump.

That’s an image I will never forget.


A poster at another Conservative site has rudely stated that due to this post on Cruz’s chances to be the 2020 GOP nominee, my blog here will fail to attract posters. I’m sorry she feels that way. She believes that Cruz will have a good chance at becoming the 2020 GOP nominee. However, like many others who post there, she isn’t thinking critically. If she was, she’d realize that Ted Cruz will never be the GOP nominee because he’s considered “a menace” and “too Conservative” by the GOPe. The RINOs running the GOP would NEVER allow a Conservative to become the nominee.

If I were to lie and state that “Cruz has a good chance at getting the GOP nomination in 2020” with Trump almost certain to run for reelection or if Trump doesn’t run with the very popular Conservative Governor Abbott of Texas running in 2020 and having the inside track, I wouldn’t be being honest with my commentors and visitors to this blog. Every point I’ve made here was well-thought out…you know, “critical thinking”?

Cruzites who cannot accept reality aren’t any better off than Trumpsters who blindly follow the Sociopath. Like them, I too want Cruz to be the 2020 nominee but I’m at least honest enough with the above facts to realize he can’t do it. In a nutshell, the Party is against him and Trumpsters would never vote for him.