Coronavirus Facts From Blogger Denise Appletone

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Coronavirus Facts From Blogger Denise Appletone

By Denise Appletone posted below Joel B. Pollak’s piece at Breitbart.

She wrote:

Here are the real facts :

1. Current coronavirus death rate is 3.4% (2,876/84,112) based on currently reported worldwide numbers. And likely higher given lies about death rates from China and iran.

2. A bad flu has a death rate of 0.03% and at worst typically 20% of the population actually gets the flu. This means corona virus is 100 times more deadly than the normal flu.

3. The coronavirus has the potential to infect everyone since it is new and no one has existing antibodies to fight it.

4. At the low end, 20% of 350M Americans is 70M people infected and at 3% death rate, that means 2.1 million Americans will die.

5. At the high end, 80% could get infected and 8.4 million Americans will die.

6. A vaccine will take over a year to mass produce. It will not save anyone in the next few months as the virus spreads unchecked.