Coronavirus Destroying What’s Left Of The Entertainment Business And Many Other Businesses

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Coronavirus Destroying What’s Left Of The Entertainment Business And Many Other Businesses

By Dave Levine

Corporate event bookings have dried up. My contacts in Las Vegas tell me it’s like a ghost town. Musicians can’t find work. The wedding business was destroyed in 2008 with the housing crash leaving corporate entertainment and steady work as the last straws. Now even they are disappearing. Add the Coronavirus to this and places like Las Vegas and San Francisco will be “wastelands”.

The Coronavirus is wiping out all that was left of the entertainment business. When people aren’t travelling, it affects business up and down the chain–hotels, nightclubs, everything. Some private businesses like country clubs may not be as affected but hotels certainly are. Rental car companies are feeling it.

Sadly, those Americans at the bottom of the income ladder–the poor and part-time employed–will be most affected.

Who is to blame? Trump had plenty of warning about Coronavirus and did nothing. I was screaming about this on my talk show months ago. Now that hundreds of thousands of travelers from the Orient are here, he stops all plane flights from China but continues to allow those from South Korea which (after China) has the second worst outbreak! ALL travel to and from the U.S. should be halted until this thing is knocked out and that won’t occur until a vaccine is found and mass produced.

Until the vaccine for Coronavirus is available, the destruction of the world economy–and particular, the U.S. economy that has been so dependent on cheap Chinese goods–will continue.

I do not at all feel sympathy for the Chinese as they brought this on themselves. I feel for the rest of us who are suffering economically and who will be suffering health-wise from what the ChiComs unleashed, whether accidental or intentional.

I pray that researchers find the vaccine…and soon!