Conservative Corey Stewart For U.S. Senate In Virginia

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Conservative Corey Stewart For U.S. Senate In Virginia

By Dave Levine

Conservatives badly need another Conservative voice and vote in the U.S. Senate. Senator Lee–who ran as an anti-Amnesty Conservative–is now a pro-Amnesty libertarian. Senator Sasse is “a bust”, a phony Conservative at best. Senator Cruz is just about the only Conservative in that chamber.

I’ve had Corey Stewart as a Guest on my talk show since 2009. He’s one of the strongest law-and-order Conservatives in the nation.

His only opposition in the June 12th Primary is a libertarian named Freitas. I believe Corey will “clean the floor” with the libertarian!

Beating incumbent Tim Kaine won’t be easy. Virginia has been “going blue” for some time now. It used to be a Conservative state. Corey Stewart can turn that state around by beating Kaine!

The Dave Levine Show proudly endorses Corey Stewart for U.S. Senate!