Conservatives Should Ignore/Boycott Hollywood’s Big Night

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Conservatives Should Ignore/Boycott Hollywood’s Big Night

By Dave Levine

Tonight is the night for “limousine liberals” and the foolish Republicans who waste their time supporting them (through watching/ratings) at the Oscars.

I haven’t watched this unspectacular event for over 35 years. It was always so one-sided politically, so far to the left, that I ended up boycotting the films that were nominated. But there was another reason for my boycott.

Do you remember the Oscars trotting out child rapist-director Roman Polanski? Here’s what Polanski was charged with in 1977 from Wikipedia: He was arrested and charged in Los Angeles with five offenses against Samantha Gailey, a 13-year-old girl – rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14, and furnishing a controlled substance to a minor.

Polanski pled guilty to statutory rape and while out on bail, knowing he was facing a jail sentence, fled to France, then to Switzerland and later to his native Poland. Attempts by U.S. attorneys to extradite him failed (Those countries LOVE their leftist criminals!). That was 1977. Today, he’s 83, living like a king again in France.

They LOVE Roman Polanski in Hollywood! I cannot support an organization that supports felons who rape young girls and boys. Those young girls and boys have their lives ruined forever.

So if you’re going to watch tv tonight, turn it to another channel. Don’t support Roman Polanskis of the world!