Conservative Writer Daniel Horowitz Has ‘Had It With The GOP’–Will He ‘Go Independent’ As I Did In ’96?

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Conservative Writer Daniel Horowitz Has ‘Had It With The GOP’–Will He ‘Go Independent’ As I Did In ’96?

By Dave Levine

On his podcast yesterday following the Conservative wipeout in AZ, KS and WA, Daniel Horowitz said, “I’ve HAD IT with the GOP!” I want to invite esteemed Conservative writer-columnist Daniel Horowitz to join me in official INDEPENDENCE! He can still VOTE for Republicans if he wants to but at least GET OUT of that p.o.s. party known as The Republican Party that doesn’t represent him and never has!

Now I know the party-firsters will cry, “But going independent–just like staying home–will elect Joe Biden-Michelle Obama as Perot did for Bill Clinton!” Perhaps it will. That isn’t our concern and shouldn’t be! If the GOP has betrayed YOU time and time again, you shouldn’t do what Albert Einstein warned about “making the same mistake over and over and expecting a different result” and either write-in a vote for your favorite law-and-order Conservative or simply stay home on Election Day.

Others may say, “Oh, Horowitz will come back to the fold by Election Day!” Perhaps. But I guarantee that once Horowitz becomes an Independent, he’ll be happy as a clam! I sure felt that way in 1996 when I left the GOP for good! It was a great feeling. Besides, why remain in a party that no longer represents you and hates you?

If you can believe this, the last “law-and-order president” we had was Ike back I was 3 years old–from 1953 to 1961. Ike did something NO other president has done–he had all illegal alien Mexicans removed from the U.S. via Operation Wetback. LBJ and other powerful ranchers wanted Los Illegals to stay but Ike tabbed Retired Army General Joseph Swing to find and remove the millions of illegal Mexicans which he did. I believe it was the greatest law-and-order action by a U.S. president in modern American history and it stands today. I wonder what Ike would be telling the nation today.

The GOP will NEVER be “the party of law and order” as it’s controlled by shills for the Chamber of Commerce and BigAg (The Farm Bureau). The Democrats want Amnesty for illegals for a different reason–they want their votes. Imagine if 40 million or more new votes poured in from legalized illegals! The Democrats would be in power forever. But Trump and the GOP want Amnesty too. The two major Amnesty bills in the House in 2018 under Ryan were REPUBLICAN bills and one almost passed.

Once Horowitz realizes that there’s no use hoping for a change in the GOP–after seeing the Conservative wipeout on Tuesday night by Senator McConnell’s Senate PAC defeating Kobach in Kansas, McCarthy in Arizona and Culp in Washington. Trump wouldn’t endorse ANY Conservatives in Tuesday’s primaries AND NO CONSERVATIVE WON!

Some Republicans will say, “Well, if you want a Conservative SCOTUS, you’d better reelect Trump!” I would go along with that IF Trump hadn’t released 4,000 drug traffickers from federal prisons and IF he had nominated Amy Coney Barrett and Joan Larson instead of the liberal Gorsuch and the Bushie Kavanaugh, but he went the easy route. Now, with Justice Thomas likely to retire, Trump will probably have TWO chances to put Conservatives on the bench but will he? No and anyone telling you otherwise isn’t telling you the truth!

How about sticking with Trump over the Second Amendment which, along with the police, is under attack by the left? I would say “No, because the Republican Party is already beginning to part with the 2A for gun control! Trump might stay with it but given his penchant for bending over to Pelosi, I wouldn’t vote for him based on that.

How about abortion? Well, the SCOTUS WILL NEVER be “Conservative” again, so forget that possibility. Right now, there are only 2 Conservatives and one is retiring!

Others will recommend joining The Constitution Party, a party that I believe was taken over by libertarians back in 2010. I LOVED their platform! But they can’t get onto the Texas and North Carolina ballots and a Conservative can’t win without being on those state’s ballots! Moreover, The CP has no money! They only got on 24 ballots in 2016.

Whatever “Conservative” party emerges in the future or if one never does, Independent Conservative voters can be proud they aren’t being forced to elect and reelect RINOs–rich liberals posing as Conservative Republicans. With no party, Independent Conservatives may become an important bloc of voters somewhere down the road–when the GOP has gone the way of the Whigs!