Conservative Voters Should Withdraw All Support For Trump For His Giving Amnesty To DACA Millions

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Conservative Voters Should Withdraw All Support For Trump For His Giving Amnesty To DACA Millions

By Dave Levine

Trump giving Amnesty to 3.8 million DACA illegals will trigger a Border surge of illegals wanting to get in for the next Amnesty–the Big One, a General Amnesty being planned by Kushner, Lindsey Graham and others.

The word that best describes Trump’s statement yesterday that he’s signing an EO or signing an Amnesty bill for DACA illegals (he wasn’t specific) is “betrayal”. It’s a betrayal of one of his key campaign promises and shows that he really didn’t want DACA illegals (all of whom are now adults) to be deported.

Trump used Angel Families at his rallies. He brought them to The White House. He promised them action and he lied thru his teeth. His “defense” of course is that the SCOTUS stopped his removal effort but he could have refiled and should have. His lies on Immigration were many–the wall, DACA on Day 1, mandatory E-verify, deporting all the illegals, ending birthright citizenship, cutting back on H-1Bs tied in with his lie about ‘America First’. He never stopped Kushner’s efforts on Amnesty and he never promised his supporters that he would never sign an Amnesty bill. He was ready to sign The Gang of Four Amnesty bill in June 2018 had it passed.

The question then follows: Will Conservative voters stay home on Election Day now that it is clear they cannot trust Trump on Amnesty? We won’t know until a few days after the Election but I have to believe that he lost a lot of Conservative votes yesterday. Will he lose the support of Angel Families, some of his strongest supporters? We shall see.

Biden has promised Amnesty for DACA illegals and now so has Trump. Biden has also promised a General Amnesty for the 50 million-plus illegals and Trump’s advance man, Kushner, is very likely working on one as well. If Biden is elected and Conservative voters can take back the House (they only need 17 seats to flip it), House Republicans can stop Biden’s Amnesty plan. If Trump is reelected, it won’t matter whether the GOP takes back the House or not–he’ll sign a General Amnesty. There’s also no guarantee that Trump, if reelected, will nominate true Conservatives for the SCOTUS; both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have been a disaster. Trump passed up on nominating true Conservative Amy Coney Barrett. Some Conservatives are clinging to the SCOTUS as the reason to reelect Trump. Trump is also proving he’s no fan of Conservatives by refusing to back Jeff Sessions for Senator. Instead, he’s backing the pro-Amnesty RINO Tuberville. Remember years ago when he backed a Democrat-turned-RINO instead of proven law-and-order Conservative Chris McDaniel for the Senate?

The point is…Trump cannot be trusted. His betrayal on DACA proves that. Do Conservatives really want four more years of Kushner?