Conservative Voters Are Like Elephants–They Don’t Forget

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Conservative Voters Are Like Elephants–They Don’t Forget


By Dave Levine

It appears that, barring some unforseen circumstance, Senator Cruz will endorse Trump.

In case Cruz hasn’t heard, powerful RINO Congressman Mike McCaul–one of the richest members of Congress–will be running against him for his Senate seat in 2018.

And in 2020–when Cruz wants to become the GOP nominee–Cruz will need to win the Establishment as well as Trumpster voters in order to beat the Democrat. That is virtually impossible.

I posit that in both cases–2018 and 2020–Conservative voters Cruz needs to win will remember how he betrayed them by endorsing Trump.

In 2020, Cruz will likely have Governor Greg Abbott as a main contender. Abbott is well-liked by Conservatives and is making all the right moves these days. While his endorsement of Trump ticked off a lot of us, he should be able to garner a good portion of Trumpster and moderate Republican voters in 2020.

The same cannot be said for Cruz. He will have to watch his numbers fall as Cruzites leave to get behind Abbott.


2 Responses

  1. Heathermcsp says:

    I will be very surprised if Ted says, ‘I endorse Donald Trump’, but this has been a very strange election cycle. All it would do is please Trump, but not get him anymore votes and it would hurt Ted in the future.

    P.S. Love the picture of Patriot Kitty 🙂

  2. AFVet4America says:

    Abbott may run for POTUS and Cruz may Run for Governor. All this is still yet to be seen. I mean just think of it, who ever would have thought we would end up with the choice of voting for two corrupt lawbreakers in this election cycle. No telling really what will happen in 2020

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