Congressional Republicans (IE RINOs) Are Blowing It–Again!

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Congressional Republicans (IE RINOs) Are Blowing It–Again!

By Dave Levine

What’s happening in Congress today is precisely why I left the GOP in 1996, never to return: The RINOs controlling that party are sitting on their hands and bickering over Obamacare instead of having the cojones to REPEAL it! Instead of getting behind the Border fence initiative (Trump calls it “the wall”), they’re standing on the sidelines. Speaker Ryan is riding a horse along the Southern Border in Texas but is silent on Trump’s mostly aggressive approach to enforcing Immigration laws. The only “good things” happening politically are Trump’s EOs.

Remember what happened in 2014? Republicans who said they were against raising the debt ceiling raised the debt ceiling. Conservative voters were LIVID!

As in 2000-2006, Republicans now control The White House, the House and the Senate.

If the new “Do Nothing Congress” continues to do nothing, they’ll be booted out of power next year because that anger on the right is even greater than it was in 2014. The old “Do Nothing Congress” under now-convicted child molester Denny Hastert wasted 6 important years under G.W. Bush (2000-2006). They tried pushing Amnesty through the Senate but the People stopped it cold.

Will this “Do Nothing Congress” continue wasting its time in power?