Congratulations To The Kansas City Chiefs From The Dave Levine Show

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Congratulations To The Kansas City Chiefs From The Dave Levine Show

By Dave Levine

I was certain the 49ers had this game in the bag up 20-10 but the Chiefs wore them down in the 4th Quarter and won the game by 11 with some big plays on defense and offense.

The only dispute I had with those making the decision for the Super Bowl MVP was giving it to QB Patrick Mahones who threw 2 interceptions. Although he brought his team back in the 4th Quarter, I thought their star RB Damien Williams should have received the award having run for 104 yards and 1 touchdown and receiving for 29 yards and 1 touchdown. That narrow TD catch and run that barely made it over the goal line was the key to the game.

Congratulations are also due to the refs who called an excellent, fair game though they messed up on Garappolo allowing the play clock to go to “0” before the ball was snapped. Had they been backed up another 5 yards, who knows what would have happened. But the refs didn’t seem to favor either team. I only wish the other referees in the NFL were so even-handed!

On that note, I’ve said and believe this to be true that the 49ers had the refs in their back pockets in countless games this season. That changed today.

A lot of betters lost their shirts tonight. Many bet on the 49ers. The Chiefs were favored by 1 point. They won by 11.