Christian Right Leader Gary Bauer Lauds Trump’s Enforcement-For-Amnesty Plan But Misstates What’s In It

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Christian Right Leader Gary Bauer Lauds Trump’s Enforcement-For-Amnesty Plan But Misstates What’s In It

By Dave Levine

In his piece today at The Patriot Post, Christian Right leader Gary Bauer misstates what is in Trump’s Enforcement-for-Amnesty plan.

He claims,

“An end to chain migration in favor of a new merit-based immigration system.”

In point of fact, Trump’s plan only cuts out parents, grandparents, etc. but leaves intact chain migration for spouses and children! The 1.5 million DACA illegals if Amnestied would thus turn into 5 million illegals. And, we all know that the Democrats in Congress will do everything they can to force Ryan & Co to allow the DACA parents and other family members to get into the U.S. This plan would be scrapped if a Democrat is elected President in 2020.

Here’s what I posted in the Comments section below Bauer’s piece:

Bauer is mistaken in his statement that Trump’s 70-Point Enforcement-for-Amnesty plan “ends chain migration”. It only PARTIALLY ends it (spouses and children would be brought in, turning the 1.5 million DACA illegals into 4 or 5 million Amnestied).

Mandatory E-verify–which is not the main focus of Trump’s plan–could be watered down by the RINOs running the House and Senate before it passes, making it virtually impotent.

Moreover, there is a little-known federal law that prevents employers wanting to use E-verify on CURRENT employees from doing so! E-verify can ONLY be used on “prospective” or new employees! There are approximately 10 million illegals already working for a paycheck in the U.S. and they are “the Untouchables” due to this law! Passing a mandatory E-verify would be the proverbial “the horses have left the barn” situation–there are already 50 to 60 million illegal aliens in the U.S. and with that law intact protecting those working for a paycheck from being checked out, it’s “a virtual Amnesty” already! I doubt that Bauer is aware of any of this.

Most importantly, deportation IS NOT part of Trump’s plan! The plan leaves the 50 to 60 million illegals–save for the 2 million illegal alien gangbangers that ICE is already going after though extremely slowly–alone! Trump’s plan–supposedly concocted by Conservative adviser Stephen Miller–is mostly “a feel-good plan” for Republicans, a political ploy that is unacceptable to most Conservatives once they read what’s in it and what ISN’T in it!

Gary Bauer has never been an Immigration Patriot having sided with Romney and other RINOs supporting a General Amnesty in years past. Christian Right leaders like Bauer, Tony Perkins, Ralph Reed and many others have “a soft spot” for illegals.

His support for Trump’s DACA Amnesty plan proves that Bauer is not one of us! He’s a perfect example of “a Republican first, not a Conservative first”.

My thanks to for posting Bauer’s piece.