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The NIH Is Funding A New Animal Experiment Center In San Antonio For EBOLA…When Will The Next Lab Leak Go Down?

By Lance D. Johnson at Natural News This “center” should be shut down and PRONTO! No Ebola experimentation here in the U.S.! Where is Congress on this?

BIOTERRORISM At The Highest Levels: U.S. Government Caught Targeting Red States With Deadlier Batches Of COVID Vaccines

By Ethan Huff at Natural News An explosive report by Ethan Huff! This requires congressional review, at the very least! There’s a map if you scroll down that shows the deadly batches and placebo (saline only) batches. Minnesota is the highest ranked blue state and is #3 behind Tennessee (#2) and #1 Montana.

Insanity, Biden-Style: Biden Regime APPROVES Remdesivir For Outpatient Use After BANNING Monoclonal Antibodies

The above is my version of title by The DC Patriot. Remdesivir is killing a substantial number of COVID patients in hospitals. It should NEVER have been part of hospital protocol for COVID! It’s a poison! Biden has gone too far. It’s time he was stopped! Doctors MUST revolt against this and force the nation’s…
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Dr. Robert Malone: Restore Integrity, Dignity And Community (video)

By Veronika Kyrylenko at The New American An excellent interview with Dr. Robert Malone! Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this today.

Proposed State Law In South Carolina Would Make It Illegal To Request A Person’s Vaccine Status

The above is from Jack Phillips at The Epoch Times. A great idea–as long as this would apply to ALL employers in the state.

It’s Time To End The Mandates

By Steve Kirsch at Steve K. nails it!