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Stanford Hopes To Continue Sweep Of Southern California Teams Against UCLA

Go Stanford! Stanford’s great RB Christian McCaffrey vs UCLA’s star LB Eddie Vanderdoes who was out with an injury in last year’s blowout at Stanford Stadium. Another terrific column by ESPN’s David Lombardi! By David Lombardi

Trump Blatantly Lied About Ford Motors Moving Everything To Mexico

More lies from the Maniac with the Microphone… By Brandon Morse

Governor Abbott’s Statement On Texas’ Intent To Withdraw From Syrian Refugee Resettlement

Governor Abbott will be running for President in 2020. This is the kind of move that will endear him to Conservative voters and Republican voters in general. Senator Cruz has been leading this fight in Congress against the Muslim refugee resettlement. Protecting the homeland is all-important but these are strategic moves by both men with…
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Rumor That Cruz May Endorse Trump Is Not True

By Lita Whitener Attention Cruzers!!! After reading The Right Scoop article this morning about a RUMOR that Cruz may endorse trump, I called Senator Cruz’s Washington DC senate office to address it with his staff. I was told, “That is a rumor, it is not true and Senator Cruz has not taken nor is he…
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Senator Mike Lee’s Lead Over Democrat Misty Snow Is Now 37 Points!

Wow! What a lead! Senator Lee is one of the unsung heroes of the “fixed” Republican Convention that shut down his microphone and purposely miscalculated the “ayes” and “nays” on important votes. He is a Constitutional Conservative of the first order and we salute him! Your comments? By Bryan Schott, Managing Editor

Trump’s Campaign Manager Goes On ‘Meet The Press’ And Makes An Ass Out Of Herself (video)

Kellyanne Conway humiliates herself trying to defend her boss. By Caleb R. Newton  

11 Days Till We Lose The Internet…

Just 11 days left, folks, unless Congress stops this sell-out by Obama, the Democrats, and their RINO pals across the aisle! By Senator Ted Cruz