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Conservative Voters Are Like Elephants–They Don’t Forget

By Dave Levine It appears that, barring some unforseen circumstance, Senator Cruz will endorse Trump. In case Cruz hasn’t heard, powerful RINO Congressman Mike McCaul–one of the richest members of Congress–will be running against him for his Senate seat in 2018. And in 2020–when Cruz wants to become the GOP nominee–Cruz will need to win…
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Cruz Feeling The Heat From Trump, RNC To Endorse The Maniac

By Burgess Everrett at Politico The above title is my version of Everrett’s. RINOs are pressuring Cruz to endorse the Madman who most of them prefer over Hillary. Syndicated RINO talk show host Mark Levin started this move off by saying he’d vote for the liberal maniac after over a year of slamming him. This…
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If Senator Cruz Endorses Trump, I’ll Be More Determined Than Ever To Stop The Maniac

  By Dave Levine This morning’s piece at The Resurgent by Josh Hammer was eye-opening and depressing but at the same time one that makes me even more determined (if that’s possible) as a #NeverTrump patriot to stop Trump. Trump is telling us “The #NeverTrump movement is dead.” After reading Hammer’s piece, I’m inclined to…
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Is Cruz About To Endorse Trump?

I’ll be posting my thoughts on this in the next post but kudos to Susan Wright for posting this! By Susan Wright

Trump Refused To Pay Hole-In-One Winner His $1 Million Prize

The news on Trump keeps getting worse and worse. Aren’t people paying attention? Read this in-depth article… Comments? By Adam Edelman

6 Reasons Why Senator Cruz Should Not Endorse Trump

After reading Hammer’s piece, I am almost certain that Cruz will endorse Trump, a move that will effectively end his political career. Hammer attended Cruz’s speech at the Federalist Society confab in Austin and what he tells us is depressing and of great concern… By Josh Hammer

Blacks Riot In Charlotte, N.C.; Governor McCrory Calls Out The National Guard (video)

Blacks rioting in Charlotte, N.C. Was this planned and funded by Soros? By Ed Lavandera, Boris Sanchez and Steve Almasy