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ICE Agents Cheer Trump’s EOs, Orders To Recommence Enforcing Immigration Laws

And WE cheer our ICE agents! There are by my estimate between 50 and 70 million illegal aliens in the U.S., not 11 million as told us ad nauseam by the MSM and politicians. ICE needs to arrest as many as possible and start A.T.E.–attrition thru enforcement, aka self-deportation. By Paul Bedard at Washington Examiner…
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Trump EO Bans Green Card-Holding Aliens From Muslim Countries From Reentering U.S.

Wow! A terrific EO, in my opinion! This protects the homeland from green card-holding Islamists who’ve sneeked thru our lax Immigration system! By Doina Chiacu at Reuters Much thanks to for posting this story.

Trump Signs Important Immigration EOs Expanding Power Of ICE Agents

We support this move by Trump which was cheered by ICE agents. For eight long years, they haven’t been allowed to enforce our laws. Now they can. By Tal Kopan at CNN Much thanks to for posting this headline story!

Obama Made The Muslim Ban Possible And The Media Won’t Tell You

Pretty amazing stuff, you have to admit and kudos to Seth Frantzman! Check it out. He’s absolutely right. By Seth J. Frantzman at

Trump’s EO Muslim Ban Is Important For Protecting The Homeland

By Dave Levine NOTE: I’ve been informed since posting this that the ACLU has succeeded in getting a stay against this action from a left-wing Federal judge in Brooklyn. I’ll be following this legal battle as best I can. Not only should Trump’s EO Muslim Ban be continued but the Syrians and other Muslims brought…
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LYING IS BAD: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Defend Trump’s Lies Just Because You Like The Outcome

Ben Shapiro hits this one out of the park. He explains what we’re seeing on Facebook and other social media–Trumpsters savaging #NeverTrump Patriots and some #NeverTrump Patriots jumping on the Trump train, how lying or pardoning and accepting the lying by politicians in order to achieve a desired result is acceptable today. Much thanks to…
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Ryan Admits: ‘We’re Going To Pay For The Wall’

Another lie exposed, one Trump can’t get out from under. His supporters will say, “At least he’s going to build it!” The wall is of course not needed AND is not wanted. BP agents want to be able to see what’s on the other side of a barrier. They can with a many kinds of…
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