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Ryan Cancels Appearance With Trump In Wisconsin

The RNC/GOP now realizes Trump cannot win and that this 2005 video is “the last straw”, the one that broke the Maniac’s back and that he must be removed as the nominee. Is this Ryan’s chance to mount his white horse? Or will they try and mount Pence on that horse? Much thanks to Soopermexican…
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BREAKING! Donors DROPPING DONALD, Seeking NEW GOP Nominee! Update: Chaffetz UN-ENDORSES…

Great post by Soopermexican at The Right Scoop! By Soopermexican at The Right Scoop

Congressman Chaffetz And Utah Governor Hebert Withdraw Endorsement Of Trump After 2005 Video Surfaces

Just ONE Congressman has unendorsed Trump over this–Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). While we no longer support Rep. Chaffetz due to his pro-Amnesty position after running against it, we applaud this move. By Politico Staff

Deace Blasts Evangelical ‘Leaders’ For Backing Trump In Spite Of Lewd 2005 Video

Here’s a terrific post by Steve Deace on Facebook tonight on the Trump video and Evangelical leader support in spite of it. By Steve Deace Today another sad reminder selling your integrity to this political system simply isn’t worth it in the long run. Today another reminder of the wisdom of God’s Word. Unevenly yoking…
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Trump Recorded Having Extremely Lewd Conversation About Women In 2005

People simply don’t want to listen. They just hate Hillary. Maybe now some of them will listen…but don’t hold your breath! By David Farenthold at The Washington Post

Chicago Female Cop Nearly Beaten To Death By Black Scumbag On PCP Instead Of Shooting Him Because She Feared Community Backlash Against Her Family

It’s really sad AND SICK that it’s come to this! This female cop should be given a desk job in our opinion. Much thanks to The Right Scoop for posting this story. By The Right Scoop  

Trump Evangelicals Choose Worldly Power Over The Gospel, Snuggling Up To Evil

My version of title by Tom Zoellner. The “snuggling” part is mine. Much thanks to Kendal Unruh for posting this on Facebook. By Tom Zoellner at Christian Post