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Trump Says He Loves DREAM Act Kids Who Got Amnesty From Obama

By Soopermexican at The Right Scoop While this isn’t shocking, it comes at a time while Trump is having our laws enforced. His pushing Amnesty–something I warned Conservatives about–doesn’t make sense given his law-and-order efforts. Listen to Monday’s commentary about this at

University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Government Demands Free Tuition For Black Students

By Todd Richmond at the AP Can you believe this? Well, thank goodness they aren’t running things in Wisconsin! What they don’t realize is…if the University were to do this, they’d be sued big-time for discrimination against white and other non-black students! You can’t give one race a free ride! But don’t tell this to…
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Now That It’s A Fact That 2 Million Non-Citizens Voted In 2016, Courts Must Unblock All State Voter ID Laws

By Dave Levine Think about it. 2 million non-citizens just committed felonies by voting in the 2016 Election. If they voted in past national elections, they committed more than one felony. AG Sessions will have his hands full prosecuting millions of cases. The key, now, is to arrest and deport as many illegals as possible.…
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The above is my version of title by Rowan Scarborough at The Washington Times. This is HUGE! It vindicates Kris Kobach (who I believe is soon to be an official adviser to Trump), someone who’s being attacked by the left as “a kook” for stating this fact AND it vindicates Trump who has also been…
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Today’s ‘A Day Without Illegals’ Is A Massive Fraud; Americans Know What It’s REALLY About!

By Dave Levine “A Day Without Immigrants” is what the left and their willing dupes in the MSM call it but it’s actually “A Day Without Illegals” which is how I titled this piece. And in point of fact, we in the U.S. would do “just fine” without the 1 million-plus illegal alien gangbangers and…
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2 Oregon State Reps File Anti-Sanctuary City Bills And English Only Bill But Left-Wing Governor And Legislature Will Prevent Passage

The above is my version of title by Gordon Friedman at Kudos to Conservative State Reps Sal Esquivel and Mike Nearman! Oregon has a LONG way to go before things change there. My thanks to for posting this story.

Illegal Alien Mexican Woman Under Deportation Order Hides In Denver Church, Refuses To Turn Herself In

The above is my version of p.c. title by CBS 4. This woman is an illegal alien activist who doesn’t believe in U.S. law and should be deported immediately! I hope ICE raids the church and arrests her. Those who defy U.S. law must pay the penalty for doing so. Much thanks to for…
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