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UCSF Orders Their Doctors To Ignore COVID Vaccine Injuries

By Steve Kirsch at   Hospitals have become despicable places in our society. This is further proof of this.

Hope Of Intravenous Spike Protein Detoxification

By Dr. Peter McCullough at Courageous Discourse THIS IS HUGE!!! I can’t wait to read more on this discovery! It could mean destroying the Spike proteins in the brain and heart which up till now can’t be done safely. Many thanks to Dr. McCullough for posting this.

GAME OVER: Medicare Data Shows The COVID Vaccines Increase Your Chance Of Dying

By Steve Kirsch at Another super-important article by Steve Kirsch! Steve was a guest on The Dave Levine Show.

Holy Grail of COVID-19 Spike Protein Detoxification

By Dr. Peter McCullough at The Epoch Times A terrific article by Dr. McCullough on yet another vaccine detox option for the vaccine-injured! He doesn’t state in this article whether he also recommends Ivervectin, the Vaccine Detox Protocol of Dr. Lee Merritt. Nattokinase. Dr. McCullough cautions, “Full pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies have not been completed,…
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New Zealand Government Data Shows That The COVID Vaccines Make You MORE Likely To Die From COVID (Not Less)

By Steve Kirsch More proof that the so-called “vaccines” are killing people.

The Debate Is Over: Masks Do NOT Work

By Steve Kirsch at The Cochrane Study. Other studies. Masks do nothing except cause the wearer a lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide poisoning. Many thanks to Steve Kirsch for posting this!

New Peer-Reviewed Study: >217,000 Americans Killed By The COVID Vaccines In Just The First Year Alone!

By Steve Kirsch at Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter A riveting article on The Big Lie that is unraveling! God bless Steve Kirsch!