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Houston (A Sanctuary City): Roberto Soliz, 24, Arrested For The Murder Of Police Sgt. Sean Rios

The above is my non-p.c. version of title Miya Shay at ABC News. Soliz is covered with tattoos and is very likely a gangbanger. He threatened his girlfriend with murder back in February but was released on $100 bail. He very likely has a criminal record. Good work by the Houston Police for capturing this…
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43-Year-Old Career Florida Criminal Thomas Kinworthy Will Be Charged With Murder Of Black St. Louis Officer Tamarris Bohannon Who Has Died After Being Shot In The Head

The above is my version of title by Lauren Trager at KMOV. Officer Tamarris Bohannon is, posthumously, “The Patriot of the Week“.

3 Black Suspects Arrested For Murder Of Black Off-Duty Mississippi Highway Patrol Lt. Troy Morris, 58

The above is my version of title by Angela Williams at WAPT. Lt. Troy Morris, 58, is posthumously our ***Patriot of the Week***!

3 Federal Officers Who May Have Been Blinded For Life By Anarchists In Portland Riot Are Our ***Patriots of the Week***

By Dave Levine Our ***Patriots of the Week*** are the three unnamed federal officers who were blinded by lasers shot at their eyes by rioter-anarchists in Portland where Trump had sent them to quell the riots. We hope they aren’t blinded for life and we await word from doctors assisting them. For their heroism in…
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Two McAllen Texas Police Officers Ambushed And Murdered In Domestic Disturbance Call By Audon Ignacio Caramillo, 23, Who Had A Rap Sheet; Suspect Then Committed Suicide In Front Of Other Officers

The above is my version of title by Jessica McBride at There is no report of Camarillo being an illegal alien. However, more information on this should become available. For their bravery and professionalism in doing their job protecting their community, Officers Edelmiro Garza, Jr. and Ismael Chavez are posthumously our ***Patriots of the…
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MA Police Lt. David Peaslee and GA State Trooper O’Neal Saddler

Our ***Patriots of the Week*** this week are MA Police Lt. David Peaslee and GA State Trooper O’Neal Saddler. Both officers stood up to the mob of leftist protesters in their respective states, mobs who heckled them and tried to get them to “take a knee” for the black felon and druggie who died in…
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