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Dr. Brian Nagase In Alberta Who Was Fired For Prescribing Ivermectin To 3 Patients, All Of Whom Recovered From COVID-19 Quickly, Reveals Information Pfizer Has Been Supressing For Years And Says ‘It’s Criminal’ That The Canadian Health Ministry Is Still Pushing The Vaccine (video)

By The White Rabbit  News Channel What a terrific doctor! We would be SO fortunate to have him here in the U.S.! I’ll try to get him on the show. For his life-saving efforts to save three COVID patients from certain death, Dr. Brian Nagase is our ***Patriot of the Week***! Many thanks to Paul…
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Mesquite Texas Officer Responding To A Disturbance Murdered By Suspect Who Then Attempted Suicide; Suspect In Critical Condition

The above is my version of title by CBSDFW Staff. The 21-year veteran officer was Richard Lee Houston II. He is, posthumously, our ***Patriot of the Week***.

Judge Rules Local Missouri COVID-19 Orders Unconstitutional

By Jack Phillips at The Epoch Times Judge Daniel Green is our “Patriot of the Week” for his action on this!

Palm Beach County School Board Finally Drops Mask Mandate After Suspending 8-Year-Old 38 Times For Violations

The above is my version of title by Kennedy Hall at LifsiteNews. This little girl is really A BIG GIRL and is Fiona Lashells. She is our “Patriot of the Week”.

Illinois Officer –A Young Father – Shot To Death While Investigating Report Of A Stolen Car

By Mitch McKinley at State Police Officer Tyler Timmins is, posthumously, our ***Patriot of the Week***.

BLOCKBUSTER: Judge Elsenheimer Releases Shocking Dominion Audit Report From Antrim County MI: System ‘Designed’ To ‘Create Systemic Fraud’; The Dominion Voting System Should Not Be Used In Michigan. We Further Conclude That The Results Of Antrim County Should Not Have Been Certified.’

The above is my version of title by Jay Greenberg at The Standard. Maybe NOW the RINOs running the Michigan legislature will get off their butts AND START FULL FORENSIC AUDITS in the large counties! For releasing the findings, Judge Kevin Elsenheimer is our ***Patriot of the Week***!

US Lieutenant Colonel Paul Douglas Hague RESIGNS Over Biden’s ‘Tyrannical’ Vaccination Mandate And Warns Of ‘Marxist Takeover Of Military’ As He Refuses Jab And Forfeits His Pension After 19 Years Of Service

By Shannon Thaler at The Daily Mail Lt. Col. Hague is our ***Patriot of the Week***! Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this today.