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Bannon Pushing Horrible RINO Rep. Stefanik To Replace Cheney In House Leadership

By Dave Levine Stephen Bannon has some brilliant moments but then he shows abject stupidity the next when he backs/promotes the likes of Rep. Stefanik, one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress. Apparently, Bannon doesn’t do “due diligence” when it comes to checking out the voting record of some of his congressional guests. Let’s…
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School Board In Vail, AZ Flees Open School Board Meeting Before It Starts Knowing Parents Demand Vote To End Mask Mandate (video)

By Charlie Kirk at The Vail School Board violated Arizona Open Meeting Law. Then they quit (behind closed doors) and the Parents in the hallway protesting the Board called their OWN meeting and voted in a new Board! I’ve seen civil disobedience before (in the 1960s protests) but this one (by Conservatives in Arizona)…
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