Can Republicans Govern If They Can’t Keep A Promise They’ve Made For 7 Years?

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Can Republicans Govern If They Can’t Keep A Promise They’ve Made For 7 Years?

By Lesley Clark at

This is the question true Conservatives have known the answer to for decades and of course, it’s “No.”

It’s an excellent question but it comes from the left (a McClatchy writer) who don’t understand politics as they really are. You see, Trump is really a Democrat, a liberal and has been for his entire adult life.

As far as Republicans in Congress, Clark should wake up to the fact that the rich, liberal country club Republicans–known as RINOs–control that party and have since Goldwater left the scene. These so-called “leaders” like Ryan are the Establishment, not the base.

For seven years, Conservatives (with RINOs following them) have tried to repeal Obamacare but Obama vetoed each attempt. Now the GOP has three branches of government and can’t get a repeal bill to pass because the RINOs–the rich liberals–running that party along with Trump–put forth a pro-Chamber stinker known as “the AHCA” that would give coverage–at taxpayer’s expense–to millions of illegal aliens using fraud to access it! Sorry, Clark, but that’s “a no go” in Conservativeville!

Clark (as is common for liberals) puts all Republicans in one basket whereas there is a severe schism in the GOP between GOPe folks like Ryan and Conservatives like Christian talk show host Steve Deace. There is also a large contingent–rarely mentioned by liberal writers and reporters–of Independent voters who number more than either major party.

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