California Conservatives Should Stay Home Instead Of Voting For The RINO Early For AG

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California Conservatives Should Stay Home Instead Of Voting For The RINO Early For AG

By Dave Levine

Aren’t Conservative voters getting tired of RINOs running for office who say they’re “Reagan Democrats” when in fact, they’re liberals in pin-striped suits?

Eric Early is a good example of this and of why the CRP (California Republican Party) has gone “full RINO”. An attorney, Early’s been endorsed by one of the most noted Establishment Republicans in the nation–George Schultz. Schultz is pro-Amnesty and pro-homosexual marriage. He’s also a globalist.

I found a report on Early at The Daily Journal from October 23, 2017.

Early is pro-homosexual marriage but says he’s against Amnesty. However, he also says all illegals in CA except convicted felons should be left alone–but isn’t that de facto Amnesty for 97% of the illegal aliens in the state?

Here’s what Early says about illegal aliens in CA:

“If you’ve been here X amount of years and you haven’t been breaking the law, you’re trying to become part of the American fabric and you’re working hard, I’m not going to let you get thrown out of the country.”

Not only is this statement mean he would give sanctuary to federal lawbreakers, he’s saying he would BUCK the feds (presumably ICE) and not let them take the illegals away for deportation! That’s obstruction and also is a federal felony under Sec. 1324, the “aiding and abetting/harboring” law.

There is nothing remotely “conservative” about Eric Early.

The Dave Levine Show encourages fellow California Conservatives to stay home or write a real Conservative in for AG. When the lowly CRP go against the Republican Party platform and refuse to back true Conservative candidates for public office, they don’t deserve to hold power in this state.