Bush Got 39% Of The Latino Vote In 2004, Not 44%

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Bush Got 39% Of The Latino Vote In 2004, Not 44%

This is a repost of Steve Sailer’s excellent response to the 2008 Election loss by McCain. Sailer–an exit poll expert–breaks it down nicely on November 10, 2008.

Say what you will about vdare.com, Steve Sailer and other writers there know what they’re writing about.

By the way, Bush got 35% of the Latino vote in 2000.

In a post-2012 Election piece at vdare, Sailer also corrected the perceived figure gained by GOP nominee Romney in his loss–28.3% instead of 30%.

Point being, the GOP can run the most pro-Amnesty politicians for President and the Democrats will ALWAYS beat them in the Latino vote. Why? Republicans are generally for smaller government and cutting off or cutting back on the freebies/welfare to non-Americans. That is the perception from the other side.

By Steve Sailer at vdare.com