British Stupid: UK Home To At Least 23,000 Jihadists

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British Stupid: UK Home To At Least 23,000 Jihadists

The above is my version of title by Sean O’Neill, Fiona Hamilton, Fariha Karim and Gabriella Swerling at The Times.

British authorities should expel every one of those 23,000 but they have to wait until these terrorists commit terror acts against the nation before they’ll do anything. That’s what I call “British stupid”! I guess the Brits are so afraid of their low breeding rates that they had to/have to bring in invading hordes of Christian-hating Muslims who want to cut their heads off!

We aren’t a whole lot smarter here–our government, that is. Terrorists have rights, you see–even illegal alien terrorists and visa overstaying terrorists. We keep bringing in the Syrian Muslim hordes, thousands upon thousands of them. They go on the public dole and kneel before Allah. Islam is not compatible with Western culture. Trying to make it compatible via immigration is insane. The Open Border folks tell us we NEED these hordes, much as the British Government says, because of our “low breeding rates”. Pure insanity!

Basically then, we have to turn our country over to the Islamists or our aging nation will die? Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt at The Dave Levine Show!

Obama let in hundreds of thousands of Syrian and other Muslim “refugees”, mostly males. What is Trump doing about that? He said during the campaign that he was going to send them back. I haven’t heard a peep out of him about this since taking office. Perhaps he’s afraid of the legal fight he’d be in if he did try to repatriate Muslim refugees.

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