Breitbart Blogger TamG: ‘Giving DACA Illegals Amnesty Goes Against His Entire Brand Of ‘America First”

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Breitbart Blogger TamG: ‘Giving DACA Illegals Amnesty Goes Against His Entire Brand Of ‘America First”

By Dave Levine from the comments below John Binder’s report on Trump giving Amnesty to DACA illegals.

TamG said it best:

What an epically stupid idea! Giving amnesty to illegals goes against his entire brand of America First. It will be the biggest betrayal of a politician in American history. Too many of his supporters have endured relentless bashing and ostracism on his behalf in large part because they agreed with him on this one issue, immigration. If he betrays them now, the past five years of abuse they’ve taken will have all been for naught. If he does this, he’s done. Done done done!

I couldn’t agree more!

Another commentor “Madisyn” said:

I’ll wait for the details but if Trump gives citizenship to illegal DACA’s, I’m OUT! I won’t vote this election. Immigration is my #1 criteria and I’ve let it slide that he PROMISED to deport ALL ILLEGALS and end DACA but this a step too far. . . .

Another by “ADF” said:

If he does this with executive order after NOT stopping the invasion with an executive order then he will lose support… This along with he move on Roger Stone makes me think he doesn’t believe he can win the election. Sad.. he just went from the best president ever to mediocrity with this move.

“DonH” said a mouthful and I agree with him 100%:

I’m honestly done with politics at this point. Absolute waste of time. Nothing ever changes no matter who you vote for. This country is going to hell. Nothing I can do to stop it. Both parties are a joke and so is our president. Might as well just concentrate on stocking up on guns and ammo and try to enjoy what’s left of my freedoms while they last. Makes me sick what life my children will be forced to live because of these dirtbag politicians and morons voters on both sides. Trump could have stopped this, but he’s just as dirty as the rest. We endured years of abuse from the left and this is how Trump repays us? He can burn in hell just like the rest of them.

“joh blow” wrote:

We elected Trump to deal with this. It was a simple EO that he could have rescinded. Like presidents from Jefferson to Obama, he could have ignored the court rulings (he’s constitutionally allowed to do so). He didn’t have the spine. Now, he’s doing President Kushner’s bidding.

“Larry” acidly stated how many of us feel:

Dear DACA Recipents,

” Even though you broke our laws and entered our Country Illegally, We will make you citizens as long as you don’t murder the Legal citizens who have to live around you ( but of course I never will 🙂 ) , and not take too much Welfare or assistance to dependent children money or food stamps or free medical care and don’t take legal Americans jobs.
[ Home Report 63% of Non-Citizen Households Access Welfare Programs
Compared to 35% of native households]

I know I said I would send them all back day one, but that was then and this is now :).

And to Legal American Citizens, only you middle and lower income families will have to live around these criminals, let me and my family know if there is any problems”

YOUR President,

Donald J. Trump

“BTW, we are looking at Reparations for Blacks next, I am working with Nancy Pelosi and It will be fair and a beautiful thing, I ‘promise you’ 🙂 . “