Boycott Watching Today’s ‘Stupid Bowl’!

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Boycott Watching Today’s ‘Stupid Bowl’!

By Dave Levine

There are a number of good reasons to boycott watching today’s “Stupid Bowl”, a game that used to be one of the great American past times.

Here are some of those reasons (You can certainly add your own to the mix!):

-Making money for the grossly overpaid, anti-America, white-hating black players who take a knee during the National Anthem, players who have decided to make a political statement at the beginning of every game.

-The NFL has “gone to the matt” in supporting those anti-America racist black players who continue to insult American viewers. The League should have fired or at the very least heavily fined those players. There should be a covenant when a player signs with an NFL team that any political protest is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with by heavily fining those players and their teams.

-The commercials during all NFL games–and particularly during “The Stupid Bowl”–are disgusting, inappropriate and border on “filth”. They’ve gone beyond “risque”. They’re simply vulgar. Why should viewers support that crap?

-The rules changes–particularly the tossing out players for “spearing” when those hits are clean hits and fully within the scope of the contact sport–have destroyed the game. Key players have had to sit out the following games for infractions of previous games. In particular are the rules preventing defensive players from doing what they’re paid to do–stop their opponents and inflict some pain in the process. Pro football is fast becoming “a sissy sport” and that’s NOT what fans want to see! Players get hurt, some seriously. It’s the nature of the game. Rule changes regarding overtime have also hurt the game. How did a team get to start at the other team’s 25 yard line? It’s a gift to that team! They should have to EARN the victory, not be given it! You know, like a 90-yard drive to win the game?

-Finally, the broadcasters. You all know what “a homer” is, right? It’s someone whose allegiance to a particular team is so strong, that he can’t help calling the game (either play-by-play announcing or color-commentating) in a biased fashion. This is particularly egregious in college football but it’s also true for the pros. Homer broadcasters tend not to be as tough on home team coaches and players. The worst are the color commentators who are often former players on the home team. The LAST thing I want to hear is a broadcaster rooting for one of the teams he’s covering!

There are certainly other reasons but these above are what I’ve come up with.

Happy Boycott!