Blogger ‘Regis’ Posts A Great One

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Blogger ‘Regis’ Posts A Great One

By Dave Levine

Below a report by Neil Munro at Breitbart this morning, blogger Regis posted the following cogent piece:

We elected Donald Trump to stop all this. The main reason was that we wanted a stop to this massive non-White immigration which is devastating the lives of White Americans and making them gypsies in their own country. Trump and the Republicans in congress could have suspended or revoked the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act when they had House and Senate majority but they did nothing. They could have also changed citizenship rule. They could have made it more difficult for non-Europeans to become citizens and could have set up a 10-20 year time frame to become a citizen after having demonstrated integration with our culture and way of life. Republicans could have stopped the fraudulent immigration Fiance/Fiancee Visa-marriage racket and stopped the Anchor Babies racket as Donald Trump kept saying when he was running in 2016. This Republican administration did nothing of what was needed to save the soul of this country. I thought that Trump would be a strong president but he has turned out to be a very weak man who is surrounded by incompetent people.

I would have added, “…who is surrounded by incompetent pro-illegal alien and pro-Jailbreak liberals and RINOs.”