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ResistanceChicks: Trump Was Wrong To Endorse RINO JD Vance In Ohio (video)

The above is my version of title by ResistanceChicks on Bitchute. They are right! But they didn’t stress the fact that Josh Mandel was “the perfect Conservative” candidate. They make a point about “Open Primaries” destroy grass roots candidates because they allow Commie Democrat voters to choose the liberal RINO candidates in a crossover effort…
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What I Learned On My Trip To The Ohio Statehouse

By Steve Kirsch at A terrific on-the-scene report by Steve Kirsch! A lot of valuable information!

Stew Peters Is Wrong: Coney Barrett And Kavanaugh ARE NOT Conservatives!

By Dave Levine While The Dave Levine Show applauds the 5-4 majority for having apparently struck down Roe v. Wade, it is important to state that Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh are RINO Justices, NOT Conservatives like Alito, Gorsuch and Thomas. Today, Tuesday, Peters–who I agree with 99.9% of the time–shocked me when he gave Trump…
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Josh Mandel Loses 3-Republican Primary For U.S. Senate By 8 Points To Trump-Backed RINO JD Vance

By Dave Levine Josh Mandel was “the perfect Conservative” for Ohio but Ohio Republicans went with Trump’s RINO Vance. While the Trumpian website Breitbart is celebrating Vance and other Trump-backed RINOs winning tonight, the truth IS the RINOs winning hurts America and further hurts the GOP in spite of the likelihood that the Republicans will…
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Study Of 23 Million People Shows Risk Of Myocarditis After COVID Vaccines

By Susan C. Olmstead at The Defender 23 MILLION? That is a HUGE study!

It’s A Great Week For Life And For Conservatives…I Think

By Dave Levine It looks like the SCOTUS–which has made some really bad decisions since Justice Coney Barrett joined the Court–has declared Roe v. Wade to be unconstitutional. The thought in many Conservative circles was that Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh joined horrible turncoat Roberts and have made the Court a liberal court once again joining…
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How Many People Have Been Murdered By COVID-19 Injection?

By The Expose Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this today.