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Biden Sneaks Caveat Into Covid Vaccine Mandate Order Authorizing Damages For Those Who Are Coerced Into Taking Jabs Who Are Then Injured Or Die From Those Jabs

The above is my version of title by Ethan Huff at Natural News. The gd bastard! Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this to me today.

The Story Of Ivermectin And COVID-19 They Don’t Want You To See (video)

By Red Voice Media Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this today.

Colorado School Teachers Force Taping Of Masks On Children’s Faces, Potentially Causing Psychological Damage

By Albert Tarkington at Big League Politics These teachers should be placed in pillories and spat on and otherwise defiled by passersby! Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this today.

Canadian Teen Dies Of Heart Attack Shortly After Getting COVID Shot So He Could Play Hockey: Report

By News Editors at Natural News Sad stories like this on are all over the Conservative blogosphere.

Patriots Have Little To Cheer About

By Dave Levine The 6-month-long Maricopa County Forensic Audit is over (although results from the routers and the canvassing that never happened aren’t in) and we got hoodwinked by a RINO lawyer who “watered-down” the final report. GA is a mess; the RINO-controlled legislature won’t authorize a forensic audit and a liberal judge just socked…
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Furious Parents Blast ‘Inhumane Treatment’ After Davis School District Told Parents To Send Children To School With ‘Warm Jackets’ As They Would Be Forced To Eat Lunch In The Rain Because Of Covid-19 Restrictions

By David Averre at The Daily Mail This is happening across the country. It’s good to see this reaction in left-wing-run California. Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this to me today.

COVID Nasal Swabs Examined By Scientists Reveal DANGER

By Stew Peters at The Stew Peters Show Dr. Jane Ruby is awesome! She describes this horrific issue in detail. Unfortunately, I had two nasal swab tests over at Stanford by a nurse in a drive-thru tent. Both came out “negative” and haven’t had another swab in 18 months. No side effects or issues yet.…
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