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‘Editor’s Note’ From Glenn Beck’s Facebook Page On Cruz’s Capitulation

Susanne Donaldson posted this Editor’s Note from Glenn Beck‘s Facebook page this afternoon in the aftermath of Cruz’s capitulation on endorsing Trump. Much thanks to Susanne, a fierce #NeverTrump Patriot, for making me aware of this! My position is different from Glenn’s. I would not have Senator Cruz on my talk show after what he did…
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Cruz Endorses The Maniac, Encourages #NeverTrump Patriots To Vote For Trump

#NeverTrump Patriots can still stop Trump! Let’s not wallow in sadness! Election Day is November 8th and those Patriots in Battleground States like FL, OH and VA can keep the Sociopath from becoming President by voting for Hillary, difficult as that may be. A Republican cannot win The White House without winning those states! Trump…
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Open Letter To Senator Cruz

All I can say is “Wow!” Cecil said it better than I could. Unfortunately, Cruz has already decided (next post). From Cecil Stinemetz, Republican National Delegate from Iowa “Dear Senator Cruz, I waited for someone like you since I last voted for Ronald Reagan. It is why I put so much time and effort into…
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‘Bow Down To President Trump!’ Omarosa Actually Said This

Get ready for “subserviency”, folks! If you don’t, he’ll send his Brown Shirts after you! Think I’m kidding? By Steve Berman at The Resurgent

A Message To #NeverTrump Patriots In Battleground States Like FL, OH And VA

By Dave Levine I don’t like posting this and I’ll surely catch hell for it. However, as they say, “Desperate times call for desperate measures” and that time is fast-approaching. #NeverTrump Patriots in “battleground states” like FL, OH and VA know what I’m about to ask. Trump cannot become President without winning those three states.…
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Trump Makes Insane Threat To Debate Monitors If They Fact-Check Him

Tyrants do not tolerate criticism–they squash it! The American version of Benito Mussolini is close to taking control of our country…unless #NeverTrump Patriots do “the unthinkable” on Election Day in “the battleground states”. But that’s what #NeverTrump means. By Carissa House-Dunphy at Bipartisan Report

Patriot Post Writer Wants Conservatives To Vote For Trump Because Of The SCOTUS

In the first place, the Senate approves or rejects nominees made by the President. And from his tawdry, Conservative-hating past, there is little doubt in “who” Trump would select! By Mark Alexander at The Patriot Post posted on July 27, 2016