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Washington State Mall Terrorist Murders 4 Women, 1 Man At Macy’s; Shooter (On The Loose) Could Be Middle Eastern Or Latino Male

Police say he’s Latino. He looks Middle Eastern to me! Could he be one of Obama’s Syrian refugees? Comments? By Staff

Trump Either Lied To The Republicans Or Broke The Law (Exclusive)

Interesting story. Will Trumpsters and Trumplettes care? Right. Comments, anyone? By Kurt Eichenwald at Newsweek

Ted Cruz Caves

An excellent piece on the Cruz capitulation by Erica Grieder! By Erica Grieder at Texas Monthly

Five Observations About The Cruz Endorsement And The Future Of #NeverTrump

A nice piece by Kurtinitis but I don’t agree with him about #NeverTrump “not being a movement”. As of today, the movement is shattered into those who forgive Cruz and those who don’t. Then there are those who believe that the only thing matters is keeping Trump from winning. In my opinion, #NeverTrump Patriots will…
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Senator Lee Shoots Down Trump’s SCOTUS List Trial Balloon

Kudos to Senator Lee for refusing to fall for Trump’s b.s.! By Nick Gass at Politico

#NeverTrump Patriots Must Put Cruz Aside And Move On With Their Focus On Stopping Trump On 11/8

By Dave Levine NOTHING–I repeat, NOTHING–is more important than keeping the Madman out of The White House! To accomplish this, Conservatives MUST stay focused on getting it done! We won’t accomplish it by wondering “why” Senator Cruz did what he did. Today, Conservatives–#NeverTrump Conservatives–suffered a setback but it cleared the air and let us know…
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