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Pro-Trump ‘Spirit Of America’ Rallies To Begin February 27th And March 4th In AZ, CO, GA, IN, IA, LA, NJ, OH, SC, WA And Other States

The above is my version of title by WND. This is good to see! The Silent Majority hasn’t flexed its muscle lately.  

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick: Sheriff Hernandez Faces Criminal Penalties, Can Be Sued And Have Federal Money Taken From Travis County [For Harboring, Aiding And Abetting Illegals]

The above is my version of title by Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax. I strongly opposed Patrick for his detestable behavior at the Republican Convention last July but on this point, he is right on the money. Sheriff Hernandez should be removed from office and replaced with a Sheriff who is opposed to the illegal “Sanctuary…
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CA State Senator Joel Anderson: Senate ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill SB 54 Will ‘Shield Felons In Our Jails’

CA State Senator Anderson is 100% right! Much thanks to for posting this story. By Kody Fairfield at  

BP Agents Seize 624 Pounds Of Marijuana In Donna, Texas, Arrest Illegal Alien Courier

The above is my version of title by CBS 4 News. Drug and human smuggling is a huge problem on the Southern Border. Hopefully, there will now be a massive law-and-order response to the Invasion from Mexico. Much thanks to for posting this story.

Full 9th Circuit Will Hear Travel Ban Case, 11 Judges

The above is my version of title by The Right Scoop. They’ll probably affirm the block on the travel ban.  

Senator Johnson: ‘Border Fence In Israel Cut Illegal Immigration By 99%’

What Senator Johnson didn’t say was, “The 13 miles of double-layered fence in San Diego and the 6.5 miles of double and triple-layered fencing in Yuma have decreased break-ins by 98%.” Most Americans would be happy with those kinds of figures. By Miriam Valverde at  

Kobach May Now Be Brought In As Advisor Or Counsel To Trump

The above is my version of title by Jim McClean at KCUR. I’ve been suggesting this for some time now and it looks like Trump agrees. Excellent move! Kobach (along with AG Sessions) will provide a solid anti-Amnesty voice that is close to Trump. With an Amnesty bill sure to develop in the House in…
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