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There Should Be No More Debates

By Dave Levine With Trump no longer the nominee of the GOP, that party will need the next 30 days to select a new nominee. There will be no time for debates. Trump may try to act like he’s still the nominee, but the best he can do is hold pressers. Trump The Trojan Horse…
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Pressure Must Be Put On GOP Powers-That-Be To Nominate A Conservative To Replace The Clown

By Dave Levine Only a Conservative can beat Hillary Clinton on Election Day–that’s been my position from the beginning. Only two Senate Conservatives haven’t endorsed Trump–Sen. Lee and Sen. Sasse.  And there are only a few Conservatives in the House who haven’t endorsed Trump. Holdout Conservative Rep. Walter B. Jones finally endorsed Trump a few…
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#NeverTrump Patriots Vindicated By Lewd Video

By Dave Levine People can say anything they want about #NeverTrump Patriots led by Conservative talk show host Steve Deace and others but one thing they can no longer deny–we were right about Trump all along and that vindicates us from any blame for his fall from power. The “I told you so’s” are out…
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Stick A Fork In Him–Trump Is Done

It’s after 2 AM Pacific–5 AM Eastern–and the internet IS HOPPING with “Trump is finished” posts and comments! Kendal is, as always, 100% right! Was this the Democrat’s “October Surprise”? By Kendal Unruh on Facebook

GOP Can Stop Trump, Force Him To Bow Out And Replace Him With Senator Mike Lee

By Dave Levine I’m no fan of the RINO-controlled GOP but they still have time to do the right thing–remove Trump as the nominee–and then replace him with a Conservative and ask Republicans to write that man in. The problem comes with states like CA that do not allow write-ins unless the candidate has given…
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Senator Mike Lee And Illinois Senator Mark Kirk Call For Trump To Step Down

Good move by one of the few Republican Senators who refused to endorse Trump! By Jordain Carney at The Hill

Ryan Cancels Appearance With Trump In Wisconsin

The RNC/GOP now realizes Trump cannot win and that this 2005 video is “the last straw”, the one that broke the Maniac’s back and that he must be removed as the nominee. Is this Ryan’s chance to mount his white horse? Or will they try and mount Pence on that horse? Much thanks to Soopermexican…
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