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Gangbanger Who Killed Whittier Officer Keith Boyer Had Murdered A Man Hours Before In Los Angeles And Was On Parole

The above is my version of title by The Right Scoop. We’re going to find out what judge and D,A, gave this p.o.s. early parole!

‘A Day Without Illegals’ Translates Into Loss Of Jobs For Hundreds Of Illegals And Their Enablers Across The U.S.

The above is my version of title by Katie McHugh at Breitbart. So ironic and prophetic! Kudos to those employers who fired these aliens and their supporters My thanks to for posting this report.!

DHS Secretary Kelly Authorizes Hiring Of 10,000 ICE Agents Effective Immediately

The above is my version of title by Bob Price at Breitbart. An important move by DHS Chief Kelly! But it will take time to train these new hires. In the meantime, ICE raids need to be ramped up on businesses across the country. Much thanks to for posting this story.  

2 Officers Shot, 1 Killed By Gangbanging-Carjacker Who Was Shot, 2nd Officer and Suspect In Hospital In Whittier (video)

The above story by There may have been another suspect. More on this as it comes in… My thanks to Cops Lives Matter on Facebook for posting this tragic story.

Presser, WA Elementary School Teacher On Leave For Facebook Post Recommending People Turn In Illegals To ICE On ‘A Day Without Illegal Aliens’

The above is my version of title by Miles Jay Oliver at Yakima Herald. Whoever the female teacher is, I salute her! Hopefully, she’ll sue the school district for every penny they have. My thanks to for posting this story.

1 Of 2 Suspects In Train Robbery-Murder Released By Denver Sheriff Who Refused To Accept An ICE Detainer

The above is my version of title by Danika Worthington and Kieran Nicholson at The Denver Post. So the Denver Sheriff released a murder-robbery gangbanger illegal alien suspect on a $5,000 bond! This Sheriff should be fired and indicted. Sanctuary Cities and counties ARE ILLEGAL under federal Immigration law! Much thanks to for posting…
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Pence Embraces EU Leaving Conservatives Who Support Him With Egg On Their Faces

The above is my version of title by Julian Barnes and Laurence Norman at Wall Street Journal. Conservatives who support Mike Pence have egg on their faces today after Pence “embraced” the Socialist EU. If anything, Pence should be criticizing the EU anti-Brexit countries as the entire “union” is a socialist disaster. The story was…
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