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Trump Signs Executive Order To Build Wall On Southern Border

Is this all show and no substance? We shall see. Congress hasn’t authorized the money for this EO. Trump knows it. Will the pro-Amnesty House give him the money for this venture? Be careful, Patriots! Trump may pull “a slight of hand” by quietly asking the House for an Amnesty bill while pushing his wall…
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Senator Cruz Introduces Bill That Allows States To Opt Out Of Syrian Refugee Plan

This story appeared on December 8, 2015 at CBS News–more than a year ago. By Rebecca Shabad at CBS News

Trump Leaving Obama’s Executive Amnesty In Place Would Be A Colossal Mistake

Horowitz is spot on! Trump got the alt-right and many Conservatives behind him on this promise alone–to build the wall and deport ALL illegals. He’s already fudged on “the wall” and now refusing to rescind Obama’s DACA Amnesty makes fools and idiots out of those who voted for him. But it’s what is coming (out…
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Packers’ And Steelers’ Defenses Stink Up NFC-AFC Championship Games

By Dave Levine I thought pro football teams knew how to play defense and special teams. I was wrong about the Packers and Steelers, two powerhouse teams with oodles of talent who failed miserably today. In their defense, the Packers had massive injuries on defense as well as offense. How they made it to the…
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Iowa City Is Now A Sanctuary City For Illegal Aliens Going Against Federal Law

It would be nice if Trump sends ICE agents to Iowa City to arrest the council members and other elected officials who voted for the Sanctuary ordinance. The ordinance–like all Sanctuary ordinances in other blue and red states–is contrary to federal law. But don’t bet on it! By Megan Noe at WQAD 8

Republican Aide To Del. David Vogt Named Cameron Harris Fired By Vogt For Fabricating News Story Back In September

Kudos to Del. Vogt for firing Cameron Harris! Dishonesty cannot be tolerated. Fabricating news stories is unacceptable. By Ovetta Wiggins at The Washington Post

Little Elm, Texas: 18-Year Veteran Detective Killed By Suspect Barricaded In Home Who Was Found Dead

Our prayers go out to Officer Jerry Walker’s family. The killer was Rudy Garcia, a man with an extensive rap sheet. By Allison Harris at Fox4 News