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Texas Senate Passes Anti-Sanctuary City SB 4 With More Teeth, RINO-Controlled House Next Stop

My version of title by Phil Prazan at KXAN. Prazan posts a falsehood: “Republican and Democratic senators alike did agree since the Supreme Court struck down Arizona’s controversial “show me your papers” law, local police and state DPS troopers cannot enforce federal immigration law.” THE SCOTUS DIDN’T STRIKE DOWN AZ’S 1070 LAW!! THEY STRUCK DOWN THE…
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121 Murders Of Americans, Others Could Have Been Avoided Had Zadvydas Decision Not Been Followed By Obama

My version of title by Alfonso Chardy at Zadvydas v. Davis has cost American and foreign lives due to the release of dangerous convicted illegal alien murderers and others after 6 months of incarceration due to their countries not taking them back. And guess “who” made that 5-4 horrific ruling in 2001? That’s right,…
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Florida Conservatives File Two Anti-Sanctuary Bills, HB 697 And SB 786; RINOs May Not Be Able To Stop Effort This Time

My version of title by  FSN. Florida, a red state, has the same problem Texas and other red states have–RINOs! Hopefully, there’s enough Conservative support behind these to get them thru. My thanks to for posting this story.

4 Muslims Including A 16-Year-Old Girl Arrested On Terrorist Suicide Bomb Charges In Paris, France

The above is my politically incorrect version of title by Sky News. Good work by French intel!  

Mexico ‘Not Ready’ For The Return Of Millions Of Lawbreaking Countrymen And Women

My version of title by KRGV. Oh, isn’t that too bad! They INVADED our sovereign nation and now they “aren’t ready” to take back their Invaders! Much thanks to for posting this headline story.  

Mexican Illegal Alien In Illinois Charged With 5 Federal Felonies Including Voting Illegally For Years

The above is my version of title by Tom Kacich at News-Gazette. Kudos to ICE and the DOJ for going after these longtime lawbreakers! Much thanks to for posting this story.

Mexican Woman Who Voted Illegally In Texas Given 8 Years, $5k Fine And Will Be Deported

The above is my version of title by CBS11. Finally, justice is metted out! What happens to her anchor baby-children? That’s her problem and hopefully not ours/the state’s. She’s probably had them on WIC (food stamps meant for indigent citizens but abused by illegals). Much thanks to for posting this story.