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9th Circuit Is Full Of Crap: The 72 Convicted Of Terrorism Since 9/11 Were From The Seven Countries Banned For Travel To U.S. By Trump

The above is my version of title by Paul Bedard at Washington Examiner. PROOF! Undeniable, undisputed proof! The Ninth Circuit blew it.  

Massive ICE Raids Across U.S. Today Spells The End To Sanctuary Cities And The Status Quo

The above is my version of title by Lisa Rein, Abigail Hauslohner and Sandhya Somashekkar at The Washington Post. It’s a shame The Post continues to characterize law and order in a negative light. These aren’t “immigrants”! They’re lawbreakers! They’re illegal aliens! They aren’t “undocumented”! They have documents–they simply hid them or left them back in…
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‘Angel Of Death’ Danish Female Sniper Sneaks Back Into Syria, Kills Over 100 ISIS, Now Treated As A Terrorist By Danish Government

My version of title by Nick Fagge and Lara Whyte in Copenhagen for The Daily Mail Online. What a terrific story! Joanna Palani is a heroine. If only Trump would offer this now-homeless Danish Patriot living on the street airfare and a “medal of valor” from the U.S. and a promise of a place to…
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McCain, Flake File Bill To Break Up 9th Circuit

My version of title by Andrew Mark Miller at This is long overdue but it won’t be easy to get thru Congress.

Colorado Congressman Lamborn Files Bills To Defund Left-Wing News Orgs NPR And CPB Which Taxpayers Pay $445 Million Per Year

My version of title by Warner Todd Huston at Breitbart. I agree 100%. Enough is enough! Much thanks to for posting this story.

ICE Officer Injured By ‘Criminal Alien’ In Traffic Stop In Austin, Officer Released From Hospital, 2 Illegal Alien Women In Car Had Warrants, Arrested

My version of title by Adan Salazar at Hats off to this ICE agent! Glad he’s okay. ICE is on the move! Much thanks to for posting this story.

Illegals Aren’t Being Reported To ICE In Certain Counties In GA Until They Have 3 DUIs

The above is my version of title by Randy Travis at Fox5 Atlanta. These are liberal counties whose stupidvisers believe in illegal “Sanctuary Cities”. Unbelievable but this is fact. Much thanks to for posting this story.