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L.A. County Sheriff Sergeant Murdered By Robbery Suspect In Lancaster, CA, Suspect Arrested, Gun Recovered

L.A. County Sheriff Sergeant Steve Owen–a 29-year veteran–is, posthumously, our ***Patriot of the Week***. My thanks to B.J. Huffman on Facebook for posting this sad story. By staff

More Bad Polling News For Trump…

The first debate was a disaster for the Cheeto-faced totalitarian and thank goodness for that! It’s a shame that there are two more debates. By The Right Scoop

Disgusting: How Trump BOUGHT His Way Into The Conservative Movement

NOW the truth comes out! Much thanks to Sooper for posting this. By Soopermexican at The Right Scoop

Indiana State Police Investigating Voter Registration Fraud In 9 Separate Counties

An important story at The Right Scoop! By The Right Scoop

Senator Jeff Sessions Promotes Trump’s “Self-Deportation” Immigration Plan

Senator Sessions is now “on record” as supporting Amnesty–“touchback” Amnesty–which REQUIRES “self-deportation” in order for the scheme to succeed. So what “carrot” would get 40 million-plus illegal aliens to self-deport? The promise (made by Trump during the campaign) to “bring them back expeditiously as legal aliens once they have their papers”? Perhaps. But Trump also…
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UGH: California Now Seeking To Expand Obamacare To Illegals

We KNEW this was coming! It was only a matter of time. It’s all about “the camel’s nose”, folks, with socialists. Once you give them a foot, they’ll take a mile as they did with homosexual marriage and so many other issues. An important post by RS at The Right Scoop! By The Right Scoop

If You Know Anyone Who’s Thinking Of Getting A Flu Shot This Year, Show Them This

I’m sure there are plenty of medical opinions on the other side. However, I wanted folks to see what the anti-flu vaccine folks are saying about the dangers. I personally have never had one. By Dreamer