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7th Circuit: Deport Illegal Alien Who Married An American And Illegally Voted

Kudos to the 7th Circuit! Enough is enough! The above is my version of title by Edmund Kozak at My thanks to for posting this story.

ICE Agents Nab 680 Illegals This Week, 75% Of Whom Were Previously Charged With Homicide, Sexual Assault, Etc.

The above is my version of title by Del Quentin Wilber and Joel Rubin at The L.A. Times. Kudos to ICE on their dangerous mission to rid the U.S. of dangerous illegal aliens! We hope that authorities also arrest those aiding and abetting these criminals! My thanks to for posting this story.

Frank Gaffney: ‘Blood In The Water’ After Flynn’s Resignation, ‘Sharks Will Be Circling For Others’

I totally agree with Gaffney who I greatly admire and have followed for many years. By John Hayward at Breitbart News

Nevada Senate Minority Leader Roberson To Bring Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

Lochhead is incorrect! There ARE cities and counties in Nevada that are Sanctuaries for illegals! There are TWO counties in Nevada on the “Sanctuary City List” at, the site for listing Sanctuary Cities and communities–Washoe and Clark Counties. Reno is also on the list. My thanks to for posting this story. By Colton…
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National Security Advisor Mike Flynn Resigns Amid Russian Scandal

The above is my version of title by Soopermexican at The Right Scoop. This isn’t good. Not three weeks into his Administration and boom! What isn’t good is the Russia connection. The FBI needs to get involved and indict those who sold out to the Rooskies!

Pro-Trump ‘Spirit Of America’ Rallies To Begin February 27th And March 4th In AZ, CO, GA, IN, IA, LA, NJ, OH, SC, WA And Other States

The above is my version of title by WND. This is good to see! The Silent Majority hasn’t flexed its muscle lately.  

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick: Sheriff Hernandez Faces Criminal Penalties, Can Be Sued And Have Federal Money Taken From Travis County [For Harboring, Aiding And Abetting Illegals]

The above is my version of title by Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax. I strongly opposed Patrick for his detestable behavior at the Republican Convention last July but on this point, he is right on the money. Sheriff Hernandez should be removed from office and replaced with a Sheriff who is opposed to the illegal “Sanctuary…
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