BigDairy (BigAg) RINOs Push Amnesty Discharge Petition In The House

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BigDairy (BigAg) RINOs Push Amnesty Discharge Petition In The House

The above is my non-p.c. version of title by Neil Munro at Breitbart.

Munro apparently has an aversion to using the very correct term “RINO”, preferring the ridiculous phrase “business-first Republicans”.

I’d like to think that Munro is right–that the Senate would ignore an Amnesty bill but that body is run by RINOs and even some of the 3 Conservatives–Sen. Lee, for example–would vote for the Gang of Four bill.

Munro is right about one thing–the unknown variable is Trump. He may or may not sign an Amnesty bill other than the Gang of Four which Munro admits doesn’t stand a chance of passing the Senate. The only way it could pass the Senate would be for it to be so watered down with little enforcement that Trump would likely veto it but who knows for sure?

What Munro wisely points out is…The Gang of Four gives a huge H-2C infusion of 1.2 million illegal farmworkers. The bill isn’t about “enforcement”–it’s an Amnesty bill! What is doesn’t do is guarantee that these workers would stay in the fields and dairies! The reason so many farmers scream for more farmworkers is the workers are absconding to the burbs and cities for more lucrative and easier work, taking jobs from American workers. Bringing in more H-2C illegals isn’t the answer–making farmers buy robots to milk the cows as they do in Europe is one of the answers. Cherry-picking machines invented by the Japanese are also needed in U.S. orchards and fields.

American farmers HAVE to get away from reliance on illegal farm labor and mechanize!