Biden’s Tanking Will Make It Easier For Angry Conservatives To Stay Home On Election Day

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Biden’s Tanking Will Make It Easier For Angry Conservatives To Stay Home On Election Day

By Dave Levine

Biden is tanking in the polls. He’s being accused of sexually harassing women. He has Alzheimer’s or dementia. Half the time, he doesn’t know what state he’s in!

The Dems are afraid to replace Biden. They have no one else to take his place. Their beloved Cuomo couldn’t get elected dogcatcher having murdered thousands of elderly New Yorkers in nursing homes by forcing those facilities to accept Coronavirus patients.

Anger at Democrats–especially the “lockdown leaders” like Governor Newsome, Governor Whitmer, Governor Cuomo, Governor Inslee, Governor Wolf and Governor Brown–is growing. They’re destroying their states with the Lockdown. The Lockdown and the anger it brings to citizens aren’t going away! Whether they’re doing it to hurt Trump isn’t even the issue. The fact IS…they’re doing it!

The political playing field has dramatically changed since December. The anti-Fauci movement has metastacized! Conservative voters who loathe Trump for his lies and inaction on Immigration, for his starting National Jailbreak and for taking his time to ban flights from China and Europe can relax knowing that staying home on Election Day won’t hurt Trump. The Dems have hurt themselves so much with the Lockdown (which they now own) that they can’t recover and their nominee, Biden, isn’t going to bow out. Moreover, Biden is still pushing a General Amnesty for 50 million illegals.

Biden cannot win the South, Texas or the Midwest nor can he win the Rocky Mountain states. He probably won’t win Florida. Game over.

Conservative voters who hate Trump can stay home on Election Day and not feel any guilt.