Bannon Pushing Horrible RINO Rep. Stefanik To Replace Cheney In House Leadership

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Bannon Pushing Horrible RINO Rep. Stefanik To Replace Cheney In House Leadership

By Dave Levine

Stephen Bannon has some brilliant moments but then he shows abject stupidity the next when he backs/promotes the likes of Rep. Stefanik, one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress. Apparently, Bannon doesn’t do “due diligence” when it comes to checking out the voting record of some of his congressional guests.

Let’s take Rep. Matt Gaetz for example. Gaetz has co-hosted War Room and is a favorite of Bannon’s. Yet Gaetz’s pushing National Jailbreak (aka The First Step Act) thru Congress (with 36 of his Conservative colleagues voting against it) led to the murder of a man in Maryland and the rape of a young woman in another state. That bill caused the release of 4,000 federal inmates, drug traffickers mostly. Did that act make our communities safer? That’s a question Gaetz and Bannon never respond to because that Act isn’t on their radar, possibly because it was one of the worst moves by President Trump while in office and Bannon was one of his staunchest defenders.

Now we see Bannon elevating RINO Rep. Stefanik to near-stardom without questioning her on her awful voting record, principally The Discharge Petition she signed in May 2018 and Ryan’s Amnesty bill the following month. Giving Amnesty to many millions of illegals in the U.S. will bring about the deaths of thousands more Americans and thousands more grieving Angel Families. Giving Amnesty will increase the Invasion which is already at high levels. Stefanik may be a Trump supporter but she’s no Conservative and she doesn’t belong in Republican House leadership. Bannon should practice what he preaches–getting the RINOs out of power must include RINOs like Stefanik with terrible voting records or this entire exercise is futile. A politician’s voting record IS EVERYTHING and Stefanik’s is as bad as it gets (I have to give Daniel Horowitz credit for expanding on Stefanik’s horrible voting record in his piece at The Blaze).

Bannon isn’t the only Republican promoting Rep. Stefanik to replace Liz Cheney in House leadership! In yet another mistaken promotion, President Trump has endorsed her! Replacing a horrible RINO with another horrible RINO brings up the Einstein saying of making the same mistake over and over again and expecting a different result. Last week, Trump endorsed “Little Marco” Rubio for reelection, another questionable move.

Personality doesn’t make it for me–POLICY does and a politician’s voting record determines whether a politician is a RINO or a Conservative.

I wish I could be “nicer” about this but these are savvy, grown men who should know better. I can’t be the only Conservative voter who has lost faith in our supposed “leaders” because of these kinds of moves!

Some Trump supporters will likely respond by saying, “No politician is perfect!” I’ve never expected “perfection” from politicians but at some point (and now, after four years of President Trump), one has to ask the obvious question after selecting pro-Amnesty fools like Pence, Kelly, Nielsen, Barr and Kushner for his administration: “Is this (backing horrible RINOs and liberals instead of proven Conservatives) something that’s going to continue when you’re back in The White House?” I think it’s a legitimate question.