Bannon Idiocy: ‘You Can’t Demonize People For’ Invading The U.S.

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Bannon Idiocy: ‘You Can’t Demonize People For’ Invading The U.S.

By Dave Levine

Stephen Bannon, as I feared, is a liberal. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be lecturing his audience (as he does on every show and I watch every show) on “not to demonize Los Illegals. Sorry, Stephen, but illegal aliens are “a scurge on America”–A SCURGE! That’s not “demonizing” them–that’s telling it like it IS!

No one I know thinks anything “positive” about the Coyotes, the Cartel operatives. But after absorbing over 50 million illegals in our country, we also know that many of the illegals themselves are bad people! Doesn’t Bannon know about the over 3,000-plus Americans who are murdered and killed in DUI accidents caused by illegal Mexican males driving drunk? Most of those illegals–the DUI killers–aren’t necessarily gangbangers…they’re simply drunken illegals who have NO BUSINESS being in America and driving on our roads! Doesn’t common sense tell us that adding millions more illegals will bring about MORE innocent American deaths? Hasn’t Bannon ever heard of un doze–the machismo challenge of drinking a dozen beers and trying to drive? Isn’t Bannon aware of the Mexican/Latino culture that considers sex with children and teens–15 year-olds–to be embraced by their nation, what we would call statutory rape? Hasn’t he ever heard of the term quinceaneras? Because of the millions of Mexican nationals in the U.S., child rape among adult Mexican men is a huge problem but the MSM will never tell us this! It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of illegal alien child molesters and rapists in the U.S. Moreover, there are AT LEAST 2 MILLION illegal alien gangbangers in the U.S. as per extrapolating from the 2011 FBI Gang Threat Initiative.

Point being, trying to “humanize” these Invaders and the Invasion itself doesn’t work on us! With 50 million-plus already here and with Democrats trying to ram a General Amnesty through to Biden’s desk, we can expect an even bigger tsunami of poor, illiterate illegals coming across our Southern Border, many with trafficked children. What Bannon never mentions is the fact that Trump got elected in 2016 by promising to build the wall and deport all illegal aliens!

Illegal aliens are INVADERS, NOT “MIGRANTS”! Whatever the Invaders’ reasons for wanting to emigrate, they are breaking our laws and we have laws and limits on those we allow in. Why? To protect Americans! To protect American workers! Trying to “humanize” an Invasion Force–even and unarmed one–works AGAINST what Patriots want and that’s disallowing entry at all, a moratorium on Immigration, etc.

Are we OBLIGATED to bring in and naturalize millions of aliens? No! The universities and colleges want them, the illegal alien pressure groups want them but Americans DON’T want them! We want our Immigration laws ENFORCED!

Again, memo to Stephen K. Bannon–please don’t try to paint illegal aliens in a positive light! There is NOTHING “positive” about lawbreakers and NOTHING “positive” about illegal aliens!