Bannon Declares ‘Season Of War’ On Establishment GOP

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Bannon Declares ‘Season Of War’ On Establishment GOP

By Adam Shaw at Breitbart

Awesome! Bannon has A LOT of clout with Conservatives and apparently has money behind him.

My only hope is that Bannon doesn’t get behind RINO Ed Martin–who is no Conservative–running for Senate in Missouri. Martin ran a dirty campaign against my friend Christian Conservative John Wayne Tucker. Martin was foolishly hired by an aging, failing Phyllis Schlafly to run Eagle Forum. Schlafly had been backing RINOs for President (McCain in 2008, then Romney in 2012) and making Martin EF’s GM showed very bad judgment. Martin almost ran the org into the ground. Schlafly’s children are on the EF Board of Directors and tried to dump Martin for a variety of reasons. Schlafly fought her own family on Martin, then died.

Bannon would be wise to look at Martin’s background–he’s a pro-Amnesty RINO.