AZ Gov. Ducey To Pick Former RINO Sen. Kyl To Fill McCain’s Seat Instead Of Former Congressmen Shadegg Or Salmon

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AZ Gov. Ducey To Pick Former RINO Sen. Kyl To Fill McCain’s Seat Instead Of Former Congressmen Shadegg Or Salmon

The above is my version of title by Michelle Moons at Breitbart.

Here is what then-Senator Kyl did in 2007:

In 2007, another bipartisan immigration reform effort was made, led by Senators Jon Kyl and Kennedy. The bill would have introduced a point system to identify and favor high-value immigrants, increased significantly the number of employment-based green cards, reduced family preferences, and established a guest-worker program. That effort failed as well: some liberals opposed it on the grounds of protecting American workers while Conservative opponents denounced it on the grounds of amnesty and border security.

Here are some quotes from then-Sen. Kyl:

In a Senate debate on October 15, 2006, Sen. Kyl said the following:

KYL: The question was, I recall, what’s your plan. I didn’t hear anything about a plan. I only heard that our borders are broken. I still haven’t heard Mr. Pederson’s plan. It’s one thing to talk tough about securing the border, it’s quite another to have a realistic plan for how to do it, without giving citizenship to all of the illegal aliens.

In that same debate with Conservative candidate Pederson, here’s another exchange worthy of our attention. Note how Kyl avoided Pederson’s cogent question, “How does that work?” Kyl’s bill left it up to the released illegals to report for their hearings which 98% of them never do:

PEDERSON: In Kyl’s bill, there’s a section called “Mandatory Departure.” An undocumented person is supposed to report to Customs, voluntarily, and voluntarily agree to be deported. How does that work? Practical? No. Let’s get at this problem and solve it.

KYL: We just passed a bill for $13 billion for better border control. Much of that will go to enhancing our Border Patrol, and building fencing and vehicle barriers.

PEDERSON: You say you voted on bills. How many of your bills got passed for the benefit of the people of Arizona? Not one! I’m going to go back there and solve this problem for the people of Arizona in a practical, aggressive way.

KYL: My opponent said “Not one.” The bill I just mentioned is now law. My amendment to double the number of border agents is also now law.

Most damaging to RINO Kyl was his vote for the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill S. 1629 on June 28, 2007.

On May 22, 2007, Sen. Kyl voted against the Dorgan Amendment to S. 1348 that would have eliminated the Y non-immigrant visa.

Sen. Kyl also voted in 1998 to increase the H-2A questworker program which is corrupt to the core where 40% or more of these “seasonal workers” never return to Mexico and abscond to the cities and suburbs to take construction and other American jobs.

Sen. Kyl was a RINO and is STILL a RINO! While some Conservatives may find him more “palatable” than John McCain or his widow, the fact remains–Kyl is a RINO who co-authored an Amnesty bill with Teddy Kennedy and voted for the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill as well.