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A Single, Brave Disctrict Attorney Or State Attorney General Could Put An End To All Of This

By Steve Kirsch at The trouble IS…most D.A.s sold out to the almighty dollar.


The above is my version of title by Ethan Huff at We LOVE Dr. Yeadon at The Dave Levine Show! Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this.

Shocking Pfizer Study Data Reveals 82% Of Jabbed Pregnant Women Had Miscarriages, So They Stopped Counting

By JD Rucker at NOQ Report NOTHING shocks me anymore! An excellent report from JD Rucker! Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this today.

Ten Different Surveys All Show The Vaccines Are Not ‘Safe And Effective” — Not Even Close (video)

By Steve Kirsch at An important post by Steve Kirsch!

PINE TEA: Possible Antidote For Spike Protein Transmission Or ‘Shedding’ – Dr. Ariyana Love

The above is my version of title by AGR Daily News.    

Dr. Jane Ruby Discusses ‘Shedding’

By Dave Levine I have close friends as well as new friends who don’t believe that “shedding”–the transmission of nanoparticles or spike proteins from “jabbed” persons (aka the Vaccinated) to the Unvaccinated–is happening. As we know, about 2/3s of American adults have been jabbed at least twice, most of them 3 times (aka “boostered”). The…
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Statistical Analysis Shows That NOBODY Under The Age Of 60 Should Take The COVID Vaccine

By Steve Kirsch at An excellent report from Steve Kirsch who states, “This is big. Really big. This may prove to be one of the most important articles I will write this year.” Kirsch is himself detoxing from 2 Pfizer shots he regrettably took before realizing they were bioweapons. Kirsch is one of the…
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