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Cancer Expert Says U.K. Seeing Spike In “Non-Covid Deaths,” Nobody Willing To Call Out Vaccine Elephant In The Roomoom

By Ethan Huff at Natural News Ethan Huff is out there reporting on stuff that others won’t touch, God bless him!

LA Firefighter Accused Of Wiping Butt With Vaccine Mandate Letter That Was Handed To Him

By Scaring the Unvaxxed into coming in for a smallpox shot will get the Unvaxxed vacinated for COVID. That’s their goal!

COVID-19, HEALTH South African Doctor Chetty: COVID-19 Shots Are Intended To Reduce World’s Population By Poisoning ‘Billions’

By Dr. Shankara Chetty at Natural News and The First Light Report. The plandemic as described so aptly by Dr. Chetty!  

American Government Poised To Unleash “Angel Of Death” Smallpox Bioweapon To Create Perpetual Crisis

By Ethan Huff at Natural News Is this a veiled attempt to get the millions of Unvaccinated Americans to go in for the smallpox vax, only to wind up getting the COVID jab? Many thanks to Paul Waldmiller for sending this today.

Santa Rosa Apple Store, Nordstrom Topanga Mall Hit In Last Minute Smash-And-Grab Robbery In California

The above is my version of title by Jacob Bliss at Breitbart. Plainclothes police are the way to go…and shoot-to-kill! Unless these animals are shown how deadly the response will be to their crimes, they’ll continue. Deterrence is the answer! Breitbart would improve their reputation for telling the truth in their reports if they would…
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Alabama State Representative Signs Onto Letter Outlining Potential Overturn Of Fraudulent 2020 Election

By Lee Hedgepeth at WIAT Nothing will happen until the RINO House and Senate leaders in GA, MI, PA and WI realize their political futures are over if they don’t acquiesce to forensic audits.

Doctor Exposes How Some COVID Patients Were Euthanized Instead Of Treated

By Alex Shadenberg at A Nuremberg-like commission should be set up to go after hospitals and those who manage them who allowed this to happen! They are mass murderers as much as Fauci, Collins and others pushing the insane protocols (Remdesivir, ventilators, etc.) instead of life-saving early prophylactics like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Many thanks…
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